Comparing the Better Web Hosting Providers


There are hundreds of companies that offer web hosting.


They range from the best to the “not so best.”  What our goal is to assist those that have not had vast exposure to hosting plans.


What we have done is provide the key features and costs for entry-level hosting services across the various hosting programs.  Click on the following link for more information about this comparison chart and the web host providers shown.


Our opinions, suggestions, and ratings are not affected by affiliate referral fees paid or affect the price you may pay.  See Disclosure.




The providers highlighted are those that we feel are the better ones for the level required for our readers.  Their program details cover whether they include Shared, WordPress, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated, and Cloud.


Note that these plans defined are for initial subscriptions and are subject to price increases at renewal time.


Also, be aware that there is a vast disparity between plans that are managed and unmanaged.  The difference comes not only in the cost of the plans, but the level of support.


Unmanaged plans have very little, if none at all, in the way of support or assistance.  That means if you have a problem with things like applications, the operating system, or the control panel, you’re on your own.  Even services like backups, whether manual or automated, are not included in the service and are usually only available at additional cost.


Also, Unmanaged means that you need a high level of know-how to get your website up and running, and to maintain its proper operation.  If you do require the help of their customer service people, it could cost you dearly.  You will be billed for it at a substantially expensive hourly rate that can add up very quickly.


We do not endorse the use of Unmanaged plans by anyone other than experienced webmasters.


Managed plans provide assistance and solutions through their customer support departments.  The services typically include help in setting up the site, software installation and problems, security patches, site backup, and error message responses.


For that reason, we have given both the Managed and Unmanaged costs for each provider.


The subscription prices shown represent the most economical term for each provider, which usually requires prepayment for a period of 36 months.


We have also shown what the renewal rates are after the initial introductory rates have expired.

NOTEAll information provided is done as an accommodation.  The accuracy and/or the material nature of the information may have changed and should be verified by the reader before acting upon such information.  Web Info Pros does not assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omitted information, and for which the reader accepts as its sole responsibility and obligation to verify.